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A person is satisfied when his stomach is filled with delicious variety of food, especially vegetarian. Because, when a person eats vegetarian food, it not only satisfis him physically, but mentally also. We, Ambiswami catering services, based in Thrissur and been in this business of catering fine classy vegetarian food since 1960. Started by Mr. Manickan Ambi alias Ambiswami(popularly known all over Kerala and South India) way back in 1960 has earned a reputed name in South India, in general, and Kerala in particular. Our specialisation is providing out-door caterings especially pure vegetarian lunch(Sadhya) for marriages. We also cater for parties for various cultural and social functions. If we take a retrospective look at the "Sadhya" of about 30 years back, it was restricted to 4 or 5 dishes(curries), rice, a side chips(varaval), a banana, a pickle, pudding(made of rice and jaggery-sarkara), rassam and butter-milk. But due to continuous personal involvement in cooking and a lot of encouragements from the clients, Ambiswami developed the "Pallada Pradhaman" and added various new dishes which present day "Sadhya" represents. A plaintain leaf full of a dozen tasty dishes, 4 types of chips, 3 types of pickles and minimum two varieties of Payassams apart from rice, sambar, rasam and papadam. However, before his death in 2012, Mr. Ambiswami thoroughly involved and trained up his sons Hariharan, Anil, Sunil and Venugopal who still carry the mantle of Ambiswami's legacy and the clients time and again vouch that the same taste and satisfaction is guaranteed by Ambiswami's sons. Ambiswami catering services, are specialised in giving the satisfaction of a pure and clean vegetarian Sadhya to millions of vegetarian lovers by providing food for marriages, party functions, school and college youth festivals and special cultural and social events like Onam, Church festivals. As we have over 50 years of catering exprience and stand now at the second generation of Ambiswami's mantle-holders, we guarantee our customers the same taste and satisfaction as had been preserved since past 5 decades. In other words, we greatly value the tradition and strive to cater to the tastes of old, young and new geration alike.


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We consider our outline as a well ordered process and concentrate all our client needs and fulfillment. Clients have an opportunity to redo their topic as the way they like and executing it in an effective way by utilizing current advancements.


GL info tech has had the privilege of working with some of the biggest names in business as well as many exciting entrepreneurial and start-up companies. No matter what size the client, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality work and the greatest possible return on investment.

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